Call (867) 393-6635 to book an appointment with Opal Clinic.

For people in Whitehorse 

People who live in Whitehorse can book an appointment by calling (867) 393-6635. If you get the answering machine, please leave a message with your phone number and we’ll return your call within two business days. Be sure to call to book the appointment yourself because we have several questions about your medical history that only you can answer. It is important that you answer these questions accurately and completely so that we may provide you with the safest possible care.

For people in Watson Lake, Dawson City or elsewhere in the Yukon

If you live in Watson Lake or Dawson City, you can make an appointment with one of the doctors there to review your options. They can provide medication abortions or refer you to Opal Clinic.

If you live in a community with a health centre, you can see the nurse to confirm your pregnancy and they can refer you to the Opal Clinic and help make travel arrangements.

You also have the choice to refer yourself to us, by calling the Opal Clinic and booking your own appointment.

To book an appointment

All pre-operative care, including ultrasounds and blood tests, are done at the Opal Clinic during your appointment. You do not need to go anywhere else to have these tests done. If after the consult you decide to have a surgical abortion, it will be done at the next available surgical appointment. This could be the next day or the following week. The surgical appointments happen on every second Wednesday morning.

Where is Opal Clinic?

Whitehorse General Hospital map showing Opal Clinic's location

The Opal Clinic is located at Whitehorse General Hospital. Enter the hospital through the main front entrance. You will be met by a COVID-19 screener who will ask you COVID-19 screening questions and where you are going. Tell them you are going to the Opal Clinic.

Once inside the hospital, turn right and walk to the Operating Room registration desk. Stop here, register and tell the clerk you have an appointment at the Opal Clinic. The clerk will ask to see your health care card and will give you a form to fill out while you sit in the waiting area. The doctor or nurse practitioner will come and find you for your appointment.

Should you choose to have a surgical abortion, you will return on the date of your surgical appointment and register at the same desk.